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Good Field

This assignment was for a new fictitious company that needed an entire identity system designed, which included name, logo, stationery (letterhead, business card, envelope), website home page, and three print items, as well as other applications as needed that show the further development of  the “look feel.” The solution is intended to be appropriate, creative, conceptually interesting and visually dynamic.

Company Scenario

Good Field is an organic grocery store that specifically caters to vegetarians and vegans. They are focused on the simplicity of life and are dedicated to providing organic quality produce that is rich in nutrients. The company acts with honesty and integrity and develops sustainable partnerships with their community. Their success is paved by their strong business relationships with local farmers because the store would supply a majority of its produce from local organic farms to ensure the livelihood of independent farmers. Good Field believes in the sentiment of compassion and plays an active role in ecological and animal welfare as they continuously integrate environmentally leading green solutions within their business. They are committed to moral off solidarity, for people, animals, and the environment.

Logo & Stationery

The name ”Good Field” was inspired by the companies mission statement and company scenario. Their mission is centered around strong empathy and regard for animals, the environment, the community and the process of how they run their company. They extend this goodness within all fields of their company. The name directly references that they get their produce solely from good fields that sell organic produce. The logo was created to give a coherent visual identity embodying the earth which is represented by the typography and the leaf that sprouts up represents the organic nature of the brand. This makes it easier for consumers to identify organic products and gives consumers confidence about the origin and quality of the food.

The back of the stationery was inspired by the pattern of a field from an aerial view. It boasts a geometric pattern with icons that convey the brands believe in ecological living and choices that bring tangible benefits to the environment. The underlying atmosphere of the stationery is indented to be bright and positive.


The advertisements are designed to educate and explain the brands’ believes and core values to fellow customers. The front side of the advertisement displays the leaf from the logo as a secondary mark with an accompanying and correlating image to the message. The reverse side delves deeper into an explanation of the core value and the message. These three core values are providing fresh and organic produce, creating local and sustainable partnerships, and the dedication to renewable energy. These all aid in creating tangible benefits to the environment, while supporting the local community and practicing the ideology of awareness, balance, and unity for all.






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