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Natural History Museum Los Angeles

This series of brochures were designed for The Natural History Museum Los Angeles as a school project. There is a set of three brochures each containing general information and focuses on a specific exhibition. The goal was to maintain a cohesive look and feel while differentiating the brochures from one other.


The concept for these brochures was built on the quote “Climates change, continents move, mammals evolve.” This is an integral part of the earth’s evolution and all it’s living things. The phenomenon that defines much of the earth’s evolution is the movement of plate tectonics, which results in the geographic distribution of fossil fauna and flora during geological eras. The composition and all design elements are devised to follow the concept of tectonic plates, that are shifting, moving away from each other, or colliding. Movement becomes the strongest factor of the composition, dictating each design element. 


Typography is composed of a modern display font for attention-grabbing titles paired with a more classical san serif that is easily readable. Geometric features are combined with traditional etched imagery. The modern and more classical features are combined to keep the brochure informative but also engaging to both a younger and more mature audience. 

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